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The School, The Job, and the Flash

2010-06-04 03:20:25 by silverneo188

Stick RPG... wow.. i have to say this has been my longest project.. almost a year. I am sooooo sorry everyone that this is taking forever but Im still in school and might have a job soon. But anytime I can work on the project I do. Not saying this is a release date but presumibly about 1 or 2 more months.

On the up side, after stick RPG is finished, I have many many more flash planned for release. They of course still have to be finished but obviously Stick RPG being out of the way will quicken their release.

Devoting at lease 16-20 hours this ENTIRE weekend on Stick RPG. This is literally all I have left

~For the shop~
-Spells, and their purchase coding
-Maybe a little more weapons, not too sure how many I have
-Some coding and designing (Design of shop will improve is what im saying)

~Fight/LVLing system~
-Exp system
-Attack, spell, and item animations/coding
-Enemy idea (Need some help with this, stick or some other type of enemy)
-Enemy Coding

~Other Misc. Things~
-Spruce up the Preloader
-More mouths to choose
-Coding improvement in some areas

So like said, might get done in 1-2 months but may take a little longer and once again sorry everyone.

Anything I can do to make up for all the delays?

Making Progress

2010-05-19 02:06:38 by silverneo188

I have fixed a bug that has been impeeding (slowing) my progress. So now i can make progress :) Here's a pic

Making Progress

Custom Stick RPG Promo pic

2010-04-16 02:09:39 by silverneo188

It's also my profile pic but here's a larger version.

This is just to hold u guys over till it's release

-Jacob Bender

Custom Stick RPG Promo pic

Makeway for Custom Stick RPG!

2010-04-14 17:38:18 by silverneo188

The official release date for CSRPG will be April 30th at 6:00 P.M. (Arizona Time (GMT-07:00))

Official Helpers

Picture uploaded of a single scene from the developer's station

Makeway for Custom Stick RPG!

Custom Stick RPG delay

2010-04-08 23:47:04 by silverneo188

I am soooo sorry everyone who is following the Custom Stick RPG project. I will hopefully have it done by the end of April, if not the end of May. So much work to be done. Sorry.

Animation Side Project (Updated)

2010-03-24 17:50:23 by silverneo188

Aside from Custom Stick RPG im working on an animation about why pressing buttons that say "Do Not Press" isn't a good idea haha here is a beta video

Button Of Do Not Press (Demo)

Enjoy :p

New projects!!

2010-03-12 00:54:52 by silverneo188

Here is a list of Flash Project planned to be worked on this year!

-Alternate intros for sonic characters using their most resembling theme songs (Animation)

-Some kind of Point And Click Shooter not too sure on it too well yet. Just in some betas right now (Game)

-Angry iPhone is almost done and will be released next month (Animation/Game)

-A Chao garden simulator, yes im into sonic things haha im a down right sega fan haha (Game)

-A "shorts" series done in Adobe Flash CS4, I just got it xD (Animation)

-Im open for any programming parts in anyone else's flash projects haha :)

other than that Custom Stick RPG is to be release March 30'th for all those following that project. Well I'm out ill release another news update soon

Your friendly NG Flash Developer,
Jacob Bender

Febuary 27th Update

2010-02-27 17:22:19 by silverneo188

I have fixed the size problem with Custom Stick RPG and will be getting farther now.

In other news I have a side project called "Angry Iphone" underway so expect that too

Other than that im open up for any projects that anyone wants me to help with

Love, Your Friendly NG Programmer
Jacob Bender

I am happy to announce that custom Stick RPG WILL be released by March 14th. I am finishing up on things and only have one problem... I have no sounds right now in it (i have the sounds) but my flash says its 14.4 MB. thats bull cuz i dont have that much stuff in the flash to make 14 mb and im confused so anyone who can help please.

Jacob Bender

woot getting done with weapons now, and soon will start programming the actual fight sequences so look forword for the beta you beta-testers.

In other news... nvrm haha lost my train of thought >.<
oh well ill get back to the game.

oh oh oh i will be giving secret spells and weapons to who ever helps on this game, they will require a password entry so benefedaykin will get one and tomska will as well, I'll let you guys know ur passwords whenever I get that far or you can request a password just message me guys lol