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Stick RPG Development Diaries 9

2010-01-14 20:01:02 by silverneo188

Okay just got back and I am going into overdrive, 10 straight hours devoted to working on this. Sorry for the delay everyone, there were a lot of bumps in this project but I will hopefully have this released mid Febuary or earlier. I PROMISE!

To hold you guys off I will release a demo for download in a couple days, but I will only give the link to those who want it, and 5 hours after download I will delete the download to prevent leakage.

If you guys want ill put up another pic of the game, just comment if u guys want me to.

Your NG Friend
Jacob Bender

Okay thanks to benefedaykin and now Greg-SKA Custom Stick RPG is now almost complete. Latest Release date is unfortunetly Jan. 31st, ill try to get it earlier but I have school and family issues so it will b difficult to work on it but when I can ill get as much as I can done. =)

P.S. (Greg-Ska and Benefedaykin you guys have been so much help and I would like to thank the both of you and you will be featured not only in the credits but also in the multiple artists thingy :) thank you guys so much)

You're Friendly Flash Programmer,
Jacob Bender

Unfortunate news, game will be delayed till January, maybe. Depends on how quickly i can get things done. If I can ill try my hardest to get it done in 6 days but its looking slim.

In other news thanks to benefedaykin process will speed up so I'll have a whole section complete in under a day.

Working on weapons as this is going out so hopefully will be done with that soon.

Will post sample of weapons soon, in a day or two,

Stay tuned
You're Friendly Flash Programmer,

Gah!!! Writers block! but with game!

ugh it is getting really difficult to think of items, spells, and weapons >.< i could use help for those bits, any help is appreciated thank you

other than that game goes well

reporting back in 5 days

P.S. *Leak Image*

Stick RPG Development Diaries 6

Got some good work in today, finished up adding new items to shop, added intro screen, and fixed visual issues in some places.

Est. Release Date: Dec. 31st 2009

Next im going to finish up most of the items then start on the weapons, i need help with weapons so send me a private message if you wanna send in weapon drawing and such, credit will be given when submited

Stick RPG Development Diaries 4

2009-12-09 21:04:57 by silverneo188

Hello, unfortunetly i have not been able to work on it for these past 2 weeks, but now i hope to be making up for it by working on it for at least a week straight so stay tuned, ill release an update tomorrow.

Also I will post it on my forums before newgrounds so if you want to play it before everyone on newgrounds does then join it at

Stick RPG Development Diaries 3

2009-11-27 01:33:10 by silverneo188

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Hello, decided to release an early update

Almost to the combat programming, busy programming the shop and other stuff. Will be adding achievements, not sure Tom Fulp will make them Newgrounds achievements but Im still putting in custom Achievements.

List of Completed
Customization - 85% (Mouths and eyes being added)

Lobby Menu - 90% (Several buttons missing most coding done)

Shop - 15% (All weapons and Spells not done, most regular items programmed)

Fighting - 0% (Waiting to work on it till done with everything else)

Achievements - 0% (Once again waiting for everything else to be done)

Overall - 38%

I will update list of completion on this news post every 2-3 days

I have been working hard on this project and I have made an estimated release date.
I plan to have this game released no later than December 20th. I am having some issues with the coding but I will have it fixed soon. If I finish early I will post another news thing giving a 5 days heads up for the release so check back often.

In other news I'm accepting art for these catergories of the game
You will be credited for your efforts

I will be releasing another news update friday so stay in touch.


Stick RPG Development Diaries 1

2009-11-14 02:29:30 by silverneo188


Ahhh I feel acomplished.

I got so much done for it today.

I have gotten gotten the customization part done and now I am starting to work on the RPG part of the game.
That should take the longest. A little insider about the RPG portion, it's going to be an arena type game where you choose what level person you want to fight and then there will be fairness meter, bosses and other features. I dont wanna leak too much information lol so stay tuned

Stick RPG on its Way :D

2009-11-13 18:18:56 by silverneo188

I am in the process of making Stick RPG, It has new looks, and new system improved from Custom Stick Creator Beta.

Stay tuned I will post production pics every now and then.

Stick RPG on its Way :D