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Long time no see

2011-03-01 00:54:27 by silverneo188

Hi everyone, Jacob Bender here and I have some flash up my sleeve :3 I just got CS5 so beware >:3

Sprite Gags 3 In process

2010-10-17 20:04:42 by silverneo188

working on Sprite Gags 3. If you wish to put in a segment. Just message me. These are the required settings.

21 Fps
700 Width x 350 Height

Having your name in one of the corners is optional. Same with the corner its in if you do.

Just message me and I'll be sure to add you to the list

Things to expect...

2010-10-04 05:45:27 by silverneo188

~~~~For Custom Stick RPG V2~~~~
-Save and Load
-COMPLETE revamp gameplay (it's going to have a map roam type element)
-Old Weapons gone
-Weapon types (with perks)
-Weapons will be made by materials now (or bought for outrageous prices)
-More Creatures
-Better Animations
-Better Art

-New sprite series (Tournament type with story inlay)
-Music Video (Brains - Voltaire)

I have a lot of things on my hands >.> will need help so let me know about if you want to help with anything (Only accepting art for Custom Stick RPG V2)

no clue

2010-08-29 04:54:43 by silverneo188

i actually have no clue what i wanna do next, im making major updates for custom stick rpg but i also wanna do either an animation or another game but idk lol any ideas anyone?

Next.. a series

2010-08-15 18:07:25 by silverneo188

The next thing I have planned is a series based off the popular video game Monster Hunter. I will be working on this game with a local team. First episode is in progress.

Custom Stick RPG is up!!!!!

2010-08-02 07:49:23 by silverneo188

it has been uploaded, go to my submissions and check it out :D

Ugh coding errors

2010-07-31 03:42:56 by silverneo188

taking a little longer to finish Custom Stick RPG i will only release a date when I actually finish it stay tuned it's almost done :D

True release date July 27-28

2010-07-24 12:48:38 by silverneo188

Here it comes the fabled Custom Stick RPG is near finish. Be ready for launch on July 27th-28th

Watch me do shit xD

2010-07-12 05:05:57 by silverneo188

if you want for whatever reason want to watch me do shit live then visit my stickam page xD

note im not always on but be sure to check i just might be on ;)

Stick RPG Release date July 25th

2010-07-07 00:33:55 by silverneo188

Just have a few more things left to do!